Nancy Meyers Preston, Ltd.
Strategic Advancement Solutions for Nonprofits: Helping Organizations Work Toward Purposeful Change

I can help you:

  • Assess your strengths & weaknesses
  • Develop strategies to overcome obstacles
  • Create systems of accountability
  • Build a stronger board
  • Plan for the future
  • Implement best practices
  • Raise more money

Transformed Client Vision and Mission Statements

Vision Statement: Our vision is a community shaped and enhanced by visual artists who reflect and influence the evolving, inclusive, and multifaceted culture of the Greater Mohawk-Hudson Region.

Mission Statement: Albany Center Gallery promotes and supports artists by engaging, enriching, and inspiring the community to appreciate the importance of art.

APF Logo

Vision Statement: Our vision is a community where all companion animals are loved, respected and receive exceptional care.

Mission Statement: The Animal Protective Foundation promotes and protects the human-animal bond by providing resources to our community and humane care to companion animals.

Vision Statement: Our vision is a just community where empowered people have equitable access to opportunities and resources.

Mission Statement: We identify inequities and confront their root causes by galvanizing the community and leveraging resources to create transformational change.

Vision Statement: ASBO New York: An association where members are recognized as experts in school finance and operations, and leaders in education.

Mission Statement:ASBO New York supports the professional growth of our members, serves as the leading resource on school finance, and advocates to ensure quality education for all students.

Autism Society of the Greater Capital Region

Mission Statement: We promote lifelong access and opportunities for people on the autism spectrum and their families so they can be fully participating, included members of their communities. We do this through advocacy, public awareness, education, compassionate support.

Vision Statement: We see a way of life where Ancestral Wisdom connects self, community and the natural world.

Mission Statement: As an expression of Sacred Fire, we transform lives by offering a home for programs of Ancestral Wisdom, Plant Spirit Medicine, and Healing.

Mission Statement: The Capital Cinema Cultural Exchange (CCCE), empowers emerging filmmakers to complete and present their projects in a rapidly changing media landscape by leveraging world-class industry expertise through a lab process. 

Vision Statement: Our vision is a future where people transformed by Camp Little Notch experiences become confident, thoughtful, compassionate, independent thinkers who are accepting of others, and are steadfast stewards of nature.

Mission Statement: Camp Little Notch provides wilderness experiences to children and adults, shaped by fun and friendship, empowering self-discovery, collaboration within a diverse community, and an appreciation of nature.

Vision Statement: Capital Region Vegan Network envisions a community that embraces healthy and sustainable vegan living on behalf of all beings and our shared earth.

Mission Statement: Capital Region Vegan Network empowers our community to adopt and maintain a vegan lifestyle through outreach, education, support, and advocacy.

Vision Statement: We envision a thriving community where land and fresh food empower physical, social, and economic health.

Mission Statement: We cultivate and nourish communities by creating equitable access to fresh food and green spaces in support of a robust regional food system.

Vision Statement: The Charlton School empowers students to transform themselves into vibrant members of society.

Mission Statement: We collaborate with families to create a therapeutic learning community where a foundation, based on relationships, drives creativity and self-discovery through intensive  individualized approaches.

Vision Statement: Our vision is to break the cycle of poverty by inspiring hope in youth and connecting them to resources that help them reach their full potential.

Mission Statement: Connect Center provides STEAM-based youth programming, in conjunction with community aid initiatives, to create a pathway to careers.

We do this by:

·         Offering workforce development programs

·         Creating access to life sustaining resources

·         Providing a safe space for academic support and career exploration

Vision Statement: Downtown Troy is an engaged and inclusive neighborhood that provides a unique collaborative environment for all people to live, work, play and thrive.

Mission Statement: We foster an attractive and inviting environment for businesses to prosper, a community for residents to grow, and a destination for visitors to continually explore.

Vision Statement: Our vision is a community where everyone has the opportunity to live as independently as possible with dignity and respect.

Mission Statement: We enrich and enhance the lives of vulnerable individuals and their families - including the elderly and those with disabilities - by providing highly personalized in-home and community-based services.

Vision Statement: Our vision is a community where all students are enriched by educators who have access to meaningful and innovative teacher-led professional learning.

Mission Statement: Elevating teacher expertise to advance learning for every student.  We do this by:

·        Teaching educators to excel in research- and experienced-based practices

·        Offering challenging professional learning

·        Incorporating the latest pedagogical and neuroscientific research

We do this to cultivate an engaged, informed and adaptable citizenry, and to guarantee all students an equitable opportunity to learn and earn.

Haven of Hope Farm and Residence

Vision Statement: Our vision is a community where chronic homelessness and the resulting family separations no longer exist.

Mission Statement: We provide transitional housing to homeless women in Fulton and Montgomery counties. Holistic living and work experience programs prepare women to work towards independent living and family unification.

Our Vision: A resilient community where everyone, at all stages of life, is supported and empowered to care for themselves and each other.

Our Mission: Jewish Family Services enriches the lives of individuals, families, and the community by providing compassionate, collaborative human services, guided by Jewish values.

Our Vision: A community where everyone has safe and affordable housing.

Our Mission: We provide non-judgmental services to end homelessness.

Vision Statement: Our vision is an engaged, inclusive and thriving community.

Mission Statement: The Niskayuna Community Foundation inspires generosity, encourages equity, and invests in local solutions.  We do this through: 

  • Grantmaking
  • Awarding scholarships, and
  • Supporting collaboration

Vision Statement: Our vision is a community where people flourish by achieving self-sufficiency and breaking the cycle of homelessness.

Mission Statement: We provide tools that empower independent living for those experiencing housing insecurity, using a model that incorporates empathy and honors self-determination.

Vision Statement: A community where education beyond high school is accessible to all. 

Mission Statement: We invest in the potential of students through scholarships, further enriching the Saratoga community.

South End Improvement Corp.

Making the South End a great place to live, play and grow.

Vision Statement: Our vision is a diverse, vibrant and inclusive community where residents have equal access to services and quality housing.

Mission Statement: As stewards of the South End we promote neighborhood housing through preservation and development.

Vision Statement: Our vision is a community where homeless persons with chronic conditions live independent and self-sufficient lives.

Mission Statement: We empower our residents living with chronic conditions to advocate for their own success by providing supportive housing and services.

Vision Statement: Our vision is a Capital Region where everyone affected by breast cancer has access to a trusted, independent community resource for comprehensive information, education, and support.

Mission Statement: For those affected by breast cancer in the Capital Region, To Life! provides personal support, empowers informed decision making, and enhances quality of life.

Vision Statement: Our vision is an inclusive and safe community where people are nourished in mind, body and soul, and inspired by the actions of our interfaith partners.

Mission Statement: In partnership with interfaith communities and others we provide a safe and just space for those in need, offering meals, HIV/AIDS services, furniture, education, spiritual counseling and advocacy. 

Upstate Independent Filmmakers Network

Vision Statement: Our vision is an environment that enables filmmakers to fulfill their potential.

Mission Statement: Upstate Independent Filmmakers Network provides networking, education, and promotion opportunities to individuals engaged in and committed to filmmaking.

Vision Statement: Resilient and peaceful communities empowered to promote healing in the face of crisis.

Mission Statement: We respond to crises, trauma, and grief, providing comprehensive solutions to individuals and communities.

Vision Statement: Through literacy, every child will be poised to reach their full potential.

Mission Statement: Connecting elementary school children with caring and dedicated tutors, our one-on-one tutoring program enhances literacy, fosters creativity, and supplements classroom learning in the South End of Albany.

Vision Statement: Our vision is a community where all women are empowered through education to be self-sufficient and fulfill their potential.

Mission Statement: We provide funding and support to financially-insecure and nontraditional female students in the Greater Capital Region. 


The following values inform my work:

  • Authenticity
  • Integrity
  • Open & honest communications
  • Respect
  • Responsive
  • Solutions-driven
  • Trustworthy